Heavy black pepper eco bag

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Madagascar Heavy Black Pepper in eco-friendly bag with zip available from 1.42oz until 35.27oz. The eco-resealable mada spicy bag protects your spices from moisture, thus preserving their full flavor.

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  • eco bag 7,05oz
  • eco bag 17,64oz
  • eco bag 35,27oz

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A high-quality black pepper

Mada Spicy invites you to sublimate your dishes and desserts with its heavy black pepper from Madagascar. Powerful and long in the mouth, it release woody and fruity flavour notes. Malagasy tropical lands offer us a unique black pepper of high quality, renowned worldwide in the gastronomy univer.

His history

The black pepper of Madagascar "piper nigrum" is cultivated in the eastern region of the Malagasy island. It is not endemic to Madagascar unlike its cousin the "voatsiperifery pepper" and was introduced by the French at the beginning of the twentieth century. It is a black pepper cultivated and native of Indonesian hand-picked twice a year just glowing by our courageous Malagasy peasants who after cleaning and drying will give us this beautiful whole black berry with wrinkled skin and caliber ranging from 3 to 5 mm.

Usage tips

The black pepper of Madagascar is used rather in final touch than during cooking. Spend a few black pepper with the mill on your dishes and the magic operates ... It accommodates with the majority of the food and some adore to associate it with the desserts. It is a powerful aromatic pepper for everyday use.

Our quality guarantee

Mada Spicy selected for you the most beautiful black pepper berries of Madagascar by hand with a very strict sorting and calibration. 100% natural.