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Madagascar cinnamon in eco-friendly bag with zip available from 1.42oz until 35.27oz. The eco-resealable mada spicy bag protects your spices from moisture, thus preserving their full flavor.

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  • eco bag 7,05oz
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  • eco bag 35,27oz

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A high-quality cinnamon

Mada Spicy invites you to sublimate your dishes, desserts, drinks and hot wines with its cinnamon from Madagascar. Tasty and delicate, Malagasy cinnamon called "gourmets cinnamon" borders on excellence. The Malagasy producers have chosen to cultivate a cinnamon known as "Ceylon" more qualitative than quantitative not to be confused with cinnamon cassia of Indonesia better known to the general public.

His history

Cinnamon from Ceylon grown on Madagascar originated in Sri Lanka. The cinnamon can reach fifteen to twenty meters high in its natural state. For practical and productivity reasons, producers limit it to a height of two meters by multiplying young shoots. Once again, we can congratulate the Malagasy peasants for their patience in taking the bark of the cinnamon at maturity, roll it or scrape it into broken pieces and then obtain powder. Cinnamon from Madagascar is only one percent of world production, but it attracts interest from the world of gastronomy thanks to its incomparable quality. According to tests, cinnamon from Malagasy Ceylon does not contain a "coumarin" reputed to be toxic to humans, unlike its cousin cinnamon Cassia much more widely distributed on the globe and especially in supermarket. Making the difference between cinnamon from Madagascar called Ceylon and cinnamon "cassia" is very simple. The cinnamon roll of Madagascar is made up of thin layers of bark wrapped. The Cassia cinnamon presents a much coarser roll made up of a single very thick layer. As for cinnamon powder, it will be necessary to refer to the packaging of the product which is supposed to divulge to you the origin of the spice.

Usage tips

Cinnamon from Madagascar can be used in many preparations. It brings a fine and subtle flavor to the jam, tea, coffee, infusions or hot wine, compotes and apple tarts, hot chocolate, gingerbread, biscuits. Cinnamon from Madagascar is also associated with salty and is part of the basic ingredients of curry for example. It goes very well with chicken, turkey, lamb. Do not hesitate to make your creative side work and dare a small tip of cinnamon on your plates ...

Our quality guarantee

Mada Spicy selected and transformed for you the most beautiful cinnamon sticks by hand. Our cinnamon from Madagascar is 100% natural. It has been packaged and handled according to very strict rules to offer you an incomparable quality spice.