Salt flower eco bag

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Madagascar sea salt flower in eco-friendly bag with zip available from 2.47oz until 35.27oz. The eco-resealable mada spicy bag protects your spices from moisture, thus preserving their full flavor.

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2,50 €

  • eco bag 2.47oz
  • eco bag 7,05oz
  • eco bag 17,64oz
  • eco bag 35,27oz

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A 100% natural salt flower

Mada Spicy invites you to sublimate your dishes with its flower of salt of Madagascar. It is bright white, 100% natural and free of additives. Nicknamed the white gold of Madagascar, this flower of salt is the result of the fabulous handicraft work of the Malagasy peasants. A flower of an exotic salt recognized worldwide for its taste and purity.

His history

The flower of salt of Madagascar is gathered in the salt marshes of Ifaty on the west coast of the island. Once a year and for a period of one month, it will be taken manually every day in the salt marshes by the peasants using a ladle on the surface of the crystallizer. This flower of salt of Madagascar will be then drained, dried and conditioned for the local market or the export.

Usage tips

The flower of salt of Madagascar can be used in all your preparations preferably at the end of cooking. It brings all the flavor of a flower of salt, but the flower of salt of Madagascar is distinguished by its exotic side unique in the world. It brings crusty on the dry and melts gently on the dishes in sauce. Dose in moderation because this flower of Malagasy is more strong than a classic salt. Keep the product away from moisture in an airtight container such as the Mada Spicy zip bag or the recycled glass container cork stopper.

Our quality guarantee

Mada Spicy has selected and packed for you the most beautiful flower of salt of Madagascar by hand. It is 100% natural, without additives and of incomparable visual and taste quality.