Madagascar whole cloves eco bag

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Madagascar whole cloves in eco-friendly bag with zip available from 1,06oz until 35.27oz. The eco-resealable mada spicy bag protects your spices from moisture, thus preserving their full flavor.

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9,90 €

  • eco bag 3.53oz
  • eco bag 7,05oz
  • eco bag 17,64oz
  • eco bag 35,27oz

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Clove of Madagascar "the spice queen"

Mada Spicy invites you to sublimate your culinary preparations with its clove of Madagascar. In addition to its antiseptic and anaesthetic properties, in the kitchen it exudes unique and surprising powerful flavor notes with a bitter and pungent side. The cloves of Madagascar perfectly complement the dishes in sauce, marinades, broths, hot wines and gingerbread.

His history

The clove of Madagascar comes from the "Syzygium aromaticum", tree of the family "Myrtaceae" of Indonesian origin. It grows on the east coast of the red island and can reach twenty meters in height. Before it is hatched, the clove flower bud is removed and then dried in the sun. Madagascar is the world's second largest producer of cloves behind Indonesia, but the largest exporter because Indonesia alone swallows its local production. Madagascar cloves are widely used in culinary preparations around the world, but they are not the only quality, as they are also used in the pharmaceutical, medical, chemical and snuff-making industries.

Usage tips

The clove of Madagascar is very powerful in taste. Two to three cloves are enough to enhance the flavor of your preparations. Keep away from moisture.

Our quality guarantee

Mada Spicy selected for you the most beautiful Malagasy cloves in hand. We carry out a very strict quality control in the field of sorting, calibrating and conditioning our cloves in order to offer you a spice of incomparable level.