Wild Voatsiperifery Pepper in refillable mill


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Madagascar wild pepper 1.42oz under recycled craft glass and its refillable mill. The recycled glass, both deco and ecological, protects your spices from moisture, thus preserving all their gustatory faculties. It can be recharged by our eco-bag range

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A condensed of wild aromas

Mada Spicy invites you to sublimate your dishes and desserts with its wild voatsiperifery pepper endemic of Madagascar. More aromatic than spicy, it emits at the nose wood and citrus fruits. Spice flagship Malagasy exports, wild pepper is probably one of the best pepper in the world.

His history

The voatsiperifery of Madagascar is the only pepper to grow naturally in the Malagasy primary forest. It is not cultivated by the human being where from its nickname "wild pepper" but its liana evolves as it pleases in the regions of the south-east of the island on various trees up to twenty meters high. During the harvest season, the courageous villagers of Madagascar will take all the risks to go and gather the clusters of wild pepper by hand climbing the trees at sometimes dizzy heights.

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Usage tips

The wild pepper of Madagascar is used rather in final touch than during cooking. Spend a few voatsiperifery with the mill on your dishes and the magic operates ... It accommodates with most food and some great chefs love to associate it with chocolate .. Personally, I strongly advise a touch of Wild pepper on oysters accompanied with a simple dash of lemon .... that's wonderful !!

Our quality guarantee

Mada Spicy selected for you the most beautiful wild pepper berries by hand with a very strict sorting and calibration.