Our story

Mada Spicy, is the story of two importing globe-trotters, Bruno and Cedric, who meet in the depths of the Gers of France and become friends. Passionate by the discovery of new horizons, epicureans in addition, it is on the occasion of Malagasy meals organized in France that they discover the magic of the spices of the red island ... They quickly decide to go further by taking a one way to Madagascar to meet local producers.

Our struggle

Respecting the environment, the quality and the traceability of the products, our globe-trotters have selected for you the best Malagasy spices through suppliers sorted on criteria of production that go in the direction of the good living conditions of Peasants and their families. Trusting Mada Spicy is the assurance of a sustainable and fair farming system and a spice of incomparable quality.

Our engagement

Mada Spicy is committed through its online shop to offer you a quality service through rigorous control of shipments,   respected delivery times and at the best price, a permanent stock of our spices based in France, a hard-hitting customer service by e-mail in "contact us" or by telephone at +33 6 33 42 56 49.

Bruno and Cedric thank you in advance for your confidence