The Voatsiperifery also know as wild pepper from Madagascar is a rare Pepper.

We only find it in Madagascar's specific areas, and yet it's not cultivated.

Indeed it only grows in the wild, as we can notice from its name.

The Piper Borborense's liana, on wich the wild pepper growns surrounds the giant trees from the Red Island's last primal forests.

The Madagascan populations living aside these forests know very well the place where this liana thrives. There are willing to take all the risks to gather it, climbing at impressive height during the fruiting period wich take place from april to october.

The bold pickers, often peasants or forestry can collect up to 5 kg per day, slowly filling their jute bag with the fresh voatsiperifery pepper.

These collectors often dry the wild pepper themselves by spreading the berrys exposed to the sun. This stage can last a whole week. During the drying, the voatsiperifery pepper will lose 90% of its initial weight.

When we know its story, we understand its price and the rising interest the culinary professionals give to it.

Rare ans wild, this voatsiperifery pepper, one of nature's real treasure, happens to also be enchanting, almost addictive both the noise and the mouth.

It's sweeter than black pepper, bringing more of a warmth feeling than a spicy one. Its perfume is fruity and intense. Once it's in the mouth, its extraordinary flavour extends deliciously.